Painting project

Hey all. I have the wonderful opportunity to take a little bit of time from sewing to do one of my long lost favorites; painting.  I'll be doing 50 of these bright pieces for a choir production in October. This is the first one so things can only get better.  My lines are a bit wobbly and I'd like to do some more colour mixing. The overall is made of brown cotton and I'm using acrylic paints to get the job done.


Coats in Caribbean?

Yes coats in the Caribbean!  Hey guys I hope all is well. As some of you may know from reading my blog I am from Trinidad and Tobago. 365 warm days every year without fail; some with rain, some with more heat than can be desired but all days warm. All I ever want to wear are breezy dresses, shorts and vest tops. 

I had the opportunity to spent a considerable amount of time in London, UK in my early and mid  twenties and  ohhh how I enjoyed it! One complaint though; it gets way to cold for my Caribbean bones. I will be travelling to the UK once again in October for training and hubby is coming with me. It will be his first trip to the UK and we are both quite excited. So excited that I perhaps made a stupid decision without thinking it through. I volunteered to make us both some coats for the trip. It seemed a good idea at the time but now that I am actually doing some research into coat making I realise that it is a monumental task. If I could just turn back the hands of time a bit! I already bought fabric on Fabric.com and a coat pattern for my hubby. I must therefore take the plunge!

The fabrics

Mini houndstooth in tan for hubby
Close up on the tan fabric 
Option 1 for me, small dotted black grey and pink wool blend. From far it looks quite uniformed without design. 
Close up on option 1
Option 2 Boucle fabric in brown with multi-colour threads
Close up on option 2

Fabric.com had a generous sale on wool blend fabrics so I was able to snatch these up at a great price. I also bought quite a bit just in case I had errors in production. I must say I was surprised a bit when I received my package. I don't think they do a very good job at photographing the fabrics for the site. Also I noticed some of the descriptions attached to some fabrics are incorrect. The colours are a lot more vivid than I expected which is not particularly what I wanted. I am most likely going to make my coat with fabric Option 1 as I find it most appealing.

The patterns
I would like to make myself a collar-less coat or one with a collar tie. There are a few pattern options available on Burdastyle for the collarless but I feel quite adventurous. Making my own pattern should be fun, right? If anyone knows of links to great resources for construction please let me know. 

As for hubby he's going to get his coat made from Vogue pattern V8940 Men's Jacket  most likely at a shorter length. It seems like a great pattern and I hope my version comes out well. 


Thanks for reading. We will all be looking forward to my future post on the coats with great anticipation and apprehension.

Has anyone done a coat before? Do you have a link to it?


Ripple bow dress

Hello everyone. I'm really excited to do this post because this dress turned out so gorgeous, so cute. I made this dress as a wedding guest dress for a garden reception of some really lovely friends. Congratulations going out to Mr. & Mrs. Rollocks on their nuptials and I wish them all the happiness that can be found in their relationship. 
Back to the dress; I did not have much time to make the dress so I opted for something simple with a sweet detail.

Deep scoop back with bow detail

I have been seeing lovely bow dresses on Pinterest recently and I am absolutely in love with them. I actually have this bow style dress on my "Gorgeous! I want to make this" board over on Pinterest. It was the perfect opportunity for me to dive in to this project because the dress is plain with little design features and I did not have plenty time to work with.

<3 would be pretty to wear to a wedding 

The first thing I did was buy this lovely two toned Georgette (turquoise and green) in a local fabric store not yet knowing what I wanted to make. The initial plan was to do something very flowy/ drapy but I then went to simple/ sweet. I bought some stretched lime green lining to go with it.

I searched far and wide for a tutorial for the bow but could not find one so I winged it! I was not left with much fabric after I cut the back, front and sleeves but thank God I had sufficent for the bow even though I had no clue what pattern piece to cut.

I cut a 'C' shape to do the bow and it turned out absolutely lovely. I will definitely do a tutorial for the bow if persons are interested.

Simple dress front

Side view showing gathers at sleeve band and a dipped hem

Another side view

Bow from the side back

A close up on the bow detail

Since I can't see my back while wearing the dress I was very surprised at the overall effect when I got to see my pictures. I am happy with the draped finish of the bow as it gives it so much flair and proves to be quite a fashion statement. 

I hope you like the dress! God bless