Give-away time!

Hello to all my wonderful readers! I'm here to invite you to partake in this give-away that I am hosting. It's my very first give-away so I'm not expecting resounding record breaking entries but I did want to throw it out there for all the sewing love I've received over the past year and 6 months.

On the give-away table I have 4 yards of watercolour floral chiffon which is the pink version to the dress of my last post. Isn't it lovely! Because it's four yards I may cut it in two 2 yard pieces depending on how many folks enter.

I want to say special thanks to one of my sewing blogger buddies who has made me feel quite special over the last year or so by liking and commenting on probably every one of my posts. She is Sally from The quirky Peach. You definitely are lovely indeed and of course your sewing is admirable! Since Sally offered to do a swap just incase I wasn't feeling up to the give-away I am sending her some fabric (what else can I possibly send?) Since I know she has like too many items in her stash right now I'm hoping this one would be useful in the near future when the colder months roll on. It's a floral flannel fabric and I hope you could get a nice shirt or PJ's out of it. Sally you are still welcome to enter the give-away along with everyone else :)

There are others new and older friends who've contributed to me enjoying this side thing that I do and I appreciate everyone of you. Danielle and Hana, thanks!

Okay guys I'm looking forward to this I think. To enter just comment below and let me know what you might do with this fabric. I will use a randomisation process to chose who the fabric will go to. Feel free to spread the word. Entries close on June 11th 2014.

Have a great day and God bless!


In full colour- high low dress

Hey guys,
I hope all is well! SOooooooo with all the Me Made madness that's been going on I've come to realise I have too many unblogged projects and so do most members of the fellow sewing community. I am not alone, ohhhh I am not alone! I had the camera pulled out and did some quick shots as I headed out the door for an evening recital.

I made this pretty coloured dress maybe just under a year ago and I've worn it so many times since then. I usually get lots of eyes on me when I wear it so I try to wear it to smaller event and gatherings with friends. It probably reminds people of a walking rainbow or Skittles or a Caribbean flower garden. My husband calls it my parrot dress especially since it has a tail feather.

I fell in love with the fabric when I went to the store and they had three different coloured versions.....this one is more yellow based, there was also and blue based and a pink based. There is still the pink one at the store and I'm thinking of buying it to host a little give-away. It's chiffon and a quite soft one at that. The base of the dress is a yellow lining fabric. 

The construction is all self drafted hence the over wide neckline which occasionally wants to drop off when I slouch. The dipped hem is also imperfect because of me doing things free handed and uncalculated at times. The skirt is a circle skirt with the waistline cut a bit wide for some gathers. The waistline is elasticised and I used the elastic to make my gathers rather than just for ease of wear. I find this to be the simplest way to get gathers into a dress.

Special thanks to my photographer!

I hope you guys like the dress and let me know if I should host a give-away for the pink version of this fabric. I'm not too sure if I have many followers.

God bless y'all! 

Me Made week 3 roundup

It's almost over! I am enjoying doing this me made wardrobe for a month but it gets a bit difficult at times. Most of my me made items are dresses which are not practical for everyday wear. It's also dry season here in Trinidad and when it's dry it's also windy! I don't want to expose anything if you know what I mean.

21st May 2014- too fancy for field work

20th May 2014- Data and evidence missing!

19th May 2014- Data and evidence missing!

I didn't seem to take photos and I stayed home one of those days......need some lounge wear.

18th May 2014- Two outfits in one day

17th May 2014- To the mall!

16th May 2014- Lace tee

 15th May 2014- Data missing!

The verdict for week 3 is that I'm doing a lousy job and my brain doesn't seem to be able to travel so far back to retrieve the information. I was glad I was able to wear things I didn't wear in week one and I hope with the last week of this that I am able to do the same! I also need to start posting stuff to my blog, I'm a slacker for sure.



Me made May week 2 roundup!

Hey all, I hope everything is well! I'm just popping in quickly to show you what I wore for the past week while I did my thing. I did stay home a couple days so you may see some missing action. After loading the photos I realised that I take too many selfies, I'll have to try to get better photos as we go along. 

May 14th- Off to a meeting in my new bow neck blouse. Looking super vintage!

May 13th- This is my batik top for work days

May 12th- A wrap front with side gathers top in jersey stretch. I used an old pattern I got from my great aunt. I loved the print on the fabric when I saw it in the shops and I just had to buy it.

May 11th- I wore this ombre coloured twisted hem skirt to go visit the in-laws. 

May 10th- My black working pants worn at the dance group spa day at church. I' glad I didn't get any nail polish on it! 

May 9th- Was heading out in my black pleat front top but then I ended up staying home. (there seems to be some funny dark spot on the picture under my eye, not sure why it's showing up here in blogger as it's not on the original photo)

May 9th- HOME- I need to make some me made lounge wear for sure so I have no excuse for not wearing/ posting. 

How are you guys getting along with Me Made May 2014?

Chat soon!


Me made week 1 summary

Hello lovelies, I trust all is well! I'm just going to post here what I wore for the first week of this Me made May madness. This is my first time doing the Me made challenge and it has definitely been a plunge into the deep end. I think I'm struggling now to find day to day things that aren't dresses. I've been able to start seeing my wardrobe limitations and what I need to start sewing to fill those voids. The most fun part about this is being able to smile, laugh and share with all the members of the online sewing community; I hadn't realised it was so vibrant and entertaining! I've been posting on Instagram and there are hundreds of others who are doing the same.

Wednesday 7th May- I wore a self drafted peplum top in a poly mix jersey. I love the fit, very loose and comfy just a weee bit short in the torso.  Blogged here

Tuesday 6th May- These are my black trousers made using the Vogue pattern V1367. I love them! I'll blog about them once I make a lovely top to go along with it. 

Monday 5th May- This shirt is quite simple in construction and was made using 1/2 yard of fabric. It has a slight built in cap sleeve and has those cute gathers towards the front for the chest allowance. This is also unblogged.

Sunday 4th May- My church dress is a self drafted one with princess seams....Thought it was blogged but it's unblogged. 

Saturday 3rd May- My knock about with hubby dress was made many moons ago and is unblogged. It's from my Undergraduate days :)

Friday 2nd May- My important meeting skirt. It's a simple straight skirt in a faint grey stripe. UNbLoGgED....... I'm seeing a trend here. 

 Thursday 1st May- This was my most recent make and is a lovely skirt made of some expensive (by my standards) fabric. I hope to blog about it soon when I get a lovely top to go with it. 

I've been exercising lately and I am so glad I lost the extra inches because I otherwise won't be able to fit into some of my pre-marriage ME MADE outfits. I should therefore make it through the month of May successfully perhaps with a few makes. Look out for next week's roundup

Chat to you soon! Good bless!


Me-Made-May-14 challenge...I'm in!

Hey guys,
So I have been quite indecisive as to whether I should join in with the Me-Made-May challenge. I know I have quite a few bits of self made garments but I don't know if I have enough to get me through a month. I feel like I might have to pull out some failed ones...lol.  Nevertheless

'I, AriB of Ariation, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear at least one piece of self made garment each day for the duration of May 2014' :)

I really look forward to doing this and I look forward to seeing the online sewing community show-off their creations.

For the most part I will be posting on Instagram as #mmmay14 and I might do a weekly blog post to sum up the weekly wear. Fingers crossed I make it through!