And the winner is......

Congratulations to Hana from Velvet Ribbon,who is soon to be the owner of this beautiful watercolour floral chiffon fabric. I look forward to seeing what you make with this beauty. 

Thanks to all who entered my first giveaway at this 18 month mark into my blogging! I look forward to what is to come and I wish all of you continued sewing success! 

Stay blessed!


Me Made thoughts

Hey guys, I hope al is well! The month of May has gone and left us and we are well on our way to being half way through 2014. Imagine that! 

Me mades in no particular order. Favourite of the lot to the centre. 
Me mades in no particular order. Favourite of the lot to the centre.

I really enjoyed doing this little challenge as it opened my eyes to quite a bit. I wanted to spend some time reflecting on my May wardrobe and all the feelings, emotions, challenges, pleasures etc. I must say that I did loose steam as the end neared so much so that for the last three days I forgot to put on me made garments. I guess I've not been true to my pledge and I've failed the challenge.....next year for sure! Somehow I got so side tracked with an assignment I was working on that it went out of my mind completely, and for two of those day I believe I spent them home. 

Well what did I lean you may ask.... ?

My wardrobe is limited:- For one l learnt that I really only look forward to dressing on a Saturday or a Sunday. Those are the days I get to dress "fancy" for church, parties, hanging with the hubby etc. During the week I struggled because I don't have much practical everyday me made garments. During these days I found myself having to pull out some not so used things and I repeatedly wore my black plants like it was nobody's business. 

My clothes don't necessarily suit my figure or style:- There were day I put on some items and I just wanted to die, LOL. I thought I looked frightful but I proudly wore my me mades! My challenge perhaps lies more so in styling and wearing the right combination of items, shoes, hairdos, hairdonts, makeup etc. There is only so much a girl can do with a few shoes and such little hair. I'm really wanting to improve my styling as I age because people always think I'm more than 5 years younger than I actually am. This would definitely involve improving my wardrobe and style. 

I love flowy things and tighter fitting tops:- I'm pretty small framed and I'm not well endowed to fill out certain styles. I tend to be more inclined towards fit and flare sort of styles as I think they complement my shape. I definitely have to work some more of these into my wardrobe.

I need more clothes:- Don't we all? The fact that I wore my two pairs of black pants and my grey ponte pants like it was going to go out of style was notice enough for me. 

We have a great community/ network of sewers:- I was pretty overwhelmed by all the Instagram posts for Me Made May 2014 and even the few likes and comments I got along the way. I'm most definitely encouraged and energised to get behind the machine more often. I was able to link with a couple more bloggers along the way and see tonnes of patterns from independent designers. What fun! Unfortunately now I'm addicted to Instagram; God help me!

I don't blog about everything I make:- This could be good or bad and I'm not sure how to look at it. I will definitely be trying to document my sewing a bit more diligently from henceforth.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed your Me Mades and I hope you keep up with wearing your own makes. Just in case you missed it, I'm hosting a give-away so enter quickly for a chance to get yourself some lovely fabric. 

I'd love to know how your May went down!

Take care....