Alive, well...and still sewing

Hello everyone,
I have had such a hectic month thus far and I have not had the privilege to make anything for myself recently; it breaks my heart. I am still sewing though! I made many skirts and dancewear for a few of the church groups that I sew for. As soon as I am finished I am going to get to my dress for Julia Bobbin's Mad Men Challenge 2. Here is the dress I am making for the challenge worn so beautifully by Betty.
Betty's dress from season 3 Episode 7

I started sewing my complex copy cat dress probably over a month ago for iheartfabric's Copycat Challenge but I had to put it off. I am eager to finish it though and I am looking forward to seeing the work of all the contestants because as you may or may not know, I do like making copies of beautiful pieces.Here is the dress I am trying to copy, but a knee length version

ASOS scallop dress back
ASOS scallop dress front

The dresses for both challenges have scallop details which I've not done before so I am doing quite a bit of research. If anyone knows good tutorials on scallops please let me know.

One more thing........ I cannot stop buying fabric. I must have an addiction! I have no more space on the designated shelf in my cupboard so it's starting to overflow to under my table. Here are some of my recent purchases. Polka dot for my Mad Men Challenge dress, lovely cotton Ponte knit in turquoise, a red lightweight cotton with gold dots, a lovely patterned piece in voile, cotton with tiny black flowers and leaves, Pink and blue Rayon/Linen fabric and a thick Polyester stretch with a striped pattern in dark purple. I can't wait to get sewing!

I hope you hear from me soon......... God bless!