Vibrant print maxi dress

Hi guys! It has been so long since I posted; I won't even do the math. I've been squeezing little projects in and between my busy schedule but i haven't documented many of my makes. I will try to work on that because years later I'd like to look back and see all the items I've made for myself. 

Today I'm showing you a maxi dress i made using a Mc'Calls pattern from 2016. I fell for the design lines at the bust and waistline and i chose to make them standout in this dress and to give the look a little more definition. 

The pattern is M7385 and it comes with a few variations. My favorites thing about some of these patterns is that it has pattern pieces that are specific for cup size so that you get a better fit for your figure. 

The fabric is a vibrant print from a fabric store here in Trinidad and Tobago called Yufe's. It's so pretty and I'm not usually one for prints. I love the subtle zig zag print and the mix of colours. I believe it is a rayon fabric but i can't be to certain as they don't label fabrics very well here.

I made the pattern almost exactly out of the packet. The only changes really were to add inches to the length and to scoop a bit out from the back pattern pieces at the waist and top center back. These are changes i normally have to make with lots of patterns. It was a nice straight forward and easy make.

I've been considering my style lately and this definitely falls into 'I like it, but it's not me'.  I'm sure that I won't wear it often but I have it now as one of my special occasions outfits. I would consider making this pattern again in a plain dark colour in a flowing cotton. 

Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you!


Maternity knit dress

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted and I thought I'd break the silence. I've been quite busy as you can see growing a little one inside. Prior to that I decided to take a step back from sewing to focus on school and because I had such a hectic time early last year sewing my life away. I took on a job that was probably too challenging even though I enjoyed it. The time and effort I poured into it really sucked at my spirit and love for sewing. I am slowly but surely sewing and finding that joy again.

So here I am showing of my baby bump in a woven lace printed dress with a significant amount of stretch. This was the second maternity dress I made to accommodate my growth. Here I used McCall's M6886 with about 6" extra added just below the waistline if the pattern to be gathered at the side. It was a quick and easy make and the beauty is really found in the fabric.

The photo was by a friend EJ.

Thanks for reading, God bless!


Tribal print jumpsuit

Hey all,

I trust all is well with you and yours! Today I just want to show you a recent stitch of a jumpsuit I made and my new hairstyle :) I got to wear this make to an evening recital of one of the loveliest friends of mine. 

This jumpsuit is made from one of the current McCall's patterns released earlier this year. The pattern is M7133 and is one of the Melissa Watson patterns for Palmer/ Pletsch. It' is described as a mock wrap front, wide legged jumpsuit, and is labeled Easy. 

As soon as I saw the pattern I put it down as one to purchase as the breezy and classy look captivated me. I quite like the design of it and it really reminded me of something my mother would have worn in her youth; she was a dresser, still is! I absolutely love the flowy nature of the design and the comfortable fit.

 I found this great rayon print at a local store and it is the most perfect fabric for the design mostly because of the weight and flow of the fabric. It was a bit shifty in the cutting process but wasn't too bad when putting it all together. I stitched up the pattern in a size 10 to the top and graded to 12 at the waist and hips.

 My adjustments:

The pattern comes with these great adjustment lines for a better fit. Normally I curve the waistline at the back and remove about 3/4 inch towards the centre. This pattern had a low placement line so I simple folded at the line to get rid of the excess that would normally give me puckering in the back. I also folded in about half inch at the back neckline for my back curvature.   

 For the pant legs I added 3 inches at the hem to accommodate my longer legs as I am 5'11" tall.

After sewing, but before inserting the zipper, I  removed about an inch from the center back seams at the waist and then graded up and down from there. I realised there was a bit too much extra at the waist and opted to move it from the back rather than the sides. Looking at the photos though I'm seeing a slight ripple across the front so I might have brought it in a we bit too much.  

The back pants legs  pattern piece has a nice curved seam at the derriere and gives a quite flattering look amid the 3 yards of fabric. 

For the armhole edges I made some biased binding and finished it that way instead of using the turned in and under hem as described by the pattern instructions. Binding is always better for curved seams. 

The only real problem I had was going to the toilet as is normally the issue with rompers and jumpers. I almost could not get my zipper back up and my hook and eye fixed, haha. Other than that I really love my jumpsuit and I fully recommend this pattern for creating a breezy onesie that can be made into an elegantly casual or dressy piece.

Thanks for stropping by and God bless!