All black casual suit

Hey all,

As I start most posts....It has been a while! I am doing fine and I am sewing more than I ever have, just not for myself. I do about 15 items a week for a new line here in Trinidad and Tobago. In the not too distant future though I hope to whip up somethings for myself and to share some ideas I have for the future of Ariation.

Today I just want to share a few pictures of an all black outfit that I made sometime way back. I normally wear them as separates however I found myself wearing them both on this particular day. I really like the look of suits or coordinating pieces and sometimes the best way to do it is in black. The blouse is really a remake from a old favorite I previously had, and the trousers are a Rebecca Taylor  Vogue pants pattern I fell in love with.

The blouse I had was black as well but it was in a much lighter weight fabric, so the pleats sat like a dream and the sleeves gently floated around my arm. The current remake blouse is different all because I used a fabric with less drape and a different composition. When I made this top I really learnt my lesson that you must use the right fabric to achieve a desired outcome. When I finished the top the sleeves stuck out in a strange manner and I wore it like that for some time.  I didn't like the look so I did a fold and tuck with the sleeves, stitched them in place and I ended up with this origami like sleeve.The side view is especially nice.

For the pants I used the Vogue pattern V1357 - Rebecca Taylor . it's a great loose fit pants that can be worn casually or dressed up with heels. It's one of those front drawstring pants but I opted to leave the strings out. My fabric is some sort of crepe, I am not entirely sure, however it was perfect for these pants. This pants fit definitely represents my style and I literally wear them every week. 

The pants pattern has great details with the yoke at the front sides and back as well as a shaped and slitted hemline. Of course I had to lengthen the pants length a few inches well to get the above the ankle length. I also did add a few inches at the inner seat of the back pattern piece for more room for the rear. 

I hope you like it! I'm looking forward to the next post even though I'm not sure what it will be just yet :) Take care and God bless!


Happy New Year & my Leather Jacket

Happy New year to all! I wish and pray that things will go well with you and yours for the year ahead. Of course trials may come and perhaps even devastation but in everything be encouraged and thankful. 

I hope you guys are doing well. I've been busy busy busy with so many projects. Quickly I'll just mention that I am now the key garment constructor for Benecaribe out of Trinidad & Tobago for an up and rising designer, a person I've known for a long time. Check it out! It really feels good to see your work plastered over a website and to see people appreciate the hard work that went into it. 

Anyway I am here to show you my leather jacket that I made recently for a trip to New York. I was of the impression that the wool coat I made late 2013 won't keep me warm enough in NY weather (excuses to make more things of course)

I didn't do my research! Apparently leather is more Fall appropriate and doesn't keep you very warm in Winter. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I already got excited and bought my fabric over at fabric.com; I know absolutely noting about leather and sewing with it but hey I like challenges. This fabric is called Perfection Fused Leather and is described as having a 100% rayon fabric backing and 100% Cowhide face. When I got it I realised that it's very soft and it's not very sturdy or thick and so I needed to make layers. 

I have mostly 3 layers in my jacket and 4 layers at the back yoke; only the sleeves have 2 layers that being the leather and the lining (it shows as it bunches a lot). I decided to do a dip hem or shirt-tail effect as I quite like it and I wanted a bomber jacket neckline as opposed to a traditional collar. I did the pattern design myself and I used the sleeve pattern from my previous coat make. 

Around my neck is a Fux Fur and Ponte big scarf I made to wear around my neck, over my head and to keep my hands toasty. 

I really liked how it turned out and it does the job of keeping me warm without the bulky look. Something about the jacket looks a little slumped backwards causing the sleeves to crunch but I think if I fixed myself prior to the shoot it would have sit better.

Cheers to the scarf that I also put together that made the cold weather very tolerable :) 
His name is Big Fuzzy!

I hope you enjoyed the post and I wish you all blessings for the year ahead. Take care, God bless!


Marbella Dress pattern giveaway

Hey guys,

So enough time has passed to enter this little giveaway and it's now time to announce the winner of the Itch to Stitch Marbella Dress pattern.

Thank you so much for giving it a go and I do look forward to seeing you guys in the Marbella dresses winners or not!.

And the lucky person is SylvieW chosen by the random number generator.


It seems that Sylvie is of So Sylvie Sew and is new to blogging. Let's give her some love :)

Thanks for stopping by and do lookout for some upcoming posts.

Take care