On my sewing table- November 30th 2013

At the moment I'm making bridesmaids dresses and flower girl dresses; 3 and 2 respectively. Yes bridesmaids dresses again.  This will be the third set for the year.  Most of my closest friends will be/ married off now so I hope things slow down next year in this area because it's such hard work. It's a damask and pink wedding and it's in 2 weeks.  I have maybe 10 days to finish and just as I post this I'll only just begin to sew. Pray for me!


A simple coat for Ari

Hey guys, so I recently showed you the coat I stitched up for hubby and now I'm going to show you mine. I'm glad I made it and I hope it can last me for some more trips to come. It kept me warm enough I guess and I pretty much killed it on a daily basis. 

My coat took so much less time to do because I did not use interlining for extra warmth and body. I made it using a wool blend I bought on  Fabric.com on sale at a really good price. I absolutely love the colour and pattern of it. It was quite heavy weight and easy to work with. 

I made a self drafted patten for a number of reasons:-

  1. I am ridiculously long which I love. I always have to add about 4 inches extra to a sleeve length of a bought pattern.
  2. I had a look around for styles I wanted and none could be found in available patterns.
  3. I like the thrill of it!
It wasn't too bad at all. I also made a two piece sleeve which I am quite proud of. The sleeve looks great in the photos and it fits quite comfortably. There is a side piece which meets up with a front panel and a back panel; there is therefore no side seam. The pockets I love because they hang low for my long arms and go all the way to the hem. It's fully lined in a heavy black satin and only the collar is underlined (shame on me!........ for going for the floppy look) 

My biggest disappointment was the buttons. I couldn't find really large buttons so I had to settle for these 7/8 inch ones. It looks like the install wasn't too good because they are a bit lopsided. Anyway that's something that can be fixed, I'll definitely do so for the next wearing. 

Showing my imperfections here :s how embarrassing!

Look how fab my sleeve looks! 

I hope you enjoyed the post. Thanks for viewing. God bless!


A coat for hubby

Hey everyone, I trust all is well even in the midst of life's ups and downs. It has been a while since my last post as I've been quite busy with school. I mentioned earlier that I would be making some coats for a trip for my husband and myself to the UK and I'm finally able to blog about it.

For my husband's coat I made a double breasted coat using Vogue pattern V8940 View B (short). It is one of the new patterns of 2013. It's described as semi-fitted, lined jacket with collar, collar band, shoulder pads, back yoke, forward shoulder seams, side panels, back vent, two-piece sleeves.

It took me quite some time to get it done because I did it with all the special features; only the best for my hubby! I didn't give my coat as much time and effort so mine is not as high quality as his.

Concerning the fabric, it's a mini houndstooth that I got it online at Fabricmart at quite a good price. It's a wool blend of medium weight. 

I completely interlined the coat. I found the fabric to be not as firm as I would have liked and after thorough research I learnt that an interlined coat looks much better as it has more body. I attached the fleece interlining by catch stitching the pieces unto the fashion fabric. This process took such a long time to do but I am quite happy with the result. I used interfacing on some of the pieces like the collar, back yoke and the front facing. For this I used horse hair canvas. Below are a few photos of the construction. 

Below are some photos of the coat while out and about in the UK. Unfortunately Kevin did not wear the coat often because it kept him too warm. I do hope that we will have some other opportunity so he can wear it again in true winter weather. 

I must admit that I quite like the pattern and it was not too difficult to follow through with the instructions. I had about 40 pattern pieces to work with so I'm glad I completed it sucesfully.  

The good news is hubby likes his coat very much and finds it quite comfortable to move around in. It is a slim fit sort of pattern so those interested in making such a coat should make adjustments for this if necessary. 

I hope you enjoy the readFeel free to ask me anything about the construction. Thanks for reading. God bless!