Tulle & Chiffon

Hey guys,
I hope all is well as we approach the end of April. Look at that, 1/3 of the year has gone. I just wanted to show you the tulle skirt I made week before last as one of my birthday wear options. Tulle skirts seem to be a big trend at the moment and I really love how they look. Of course it's difficult to find an occasion to wear such a skirt but hey you never know, something could pop up. My version though is a scaled down more publicly acceptable version. 

I attended a fashion show called"All things tulle" for the launch of a line of Tulle skirts by a stylist named Elizabeth Horell and a store called Sapodillas in Trinidad. I had somewhere to wear my skirt! I paired it with a chiffon black long sleeved shirt I made some time ago.

The tulle skirt was self drafted and is simply a circle skirt with one lining layer and two layers of tulle cut at a longer length.....I wish I had more tulle! I'll have to try it again with a bit more yards of tulle and also with a different pattern/ style. The skirt has an elasticised waistband in black using some lovely leftover ponte knit fabric. 

The black chiffon shirt is partially self drafted as I did the sleeves and the bodice different from the original Burdastyle pattern I had. I really needed the pattern for the collar. 

Have any of you made a tulle skirt or intends to make one? Tulle seems to be quite miserable to work with as it's so light and it's full of tiny tiny holes. The good thing though is that there is no need for hemming however one must cut very straight lines for a perfect look. 

Clearly my skirt is a bit wrinkly but last time I ironed tulle it melted away so I don't know what to do about that.

Hope you like it and God bless y'all !


Birthday suit

Hello all,
I trust all is well with you and yours! So today is my birthday and I celebrated yesterday as it was a holiday. Every so often I am blessed with the long Easter weekend for my birthday and as such I get to have a bit more fun (not really). This year was a milestone so I had a little party or as we say in Trinidad and Tobago "a lime". It was fun and enjoyable and I am so grateful to God for granting me these many years of spared life and favour. 

 I really wanted to wear something colourful so I originally planed to make the shorts and wear it with a white top. I then found that maybe my shorts are too short (or legs too long) so I'd make a bustier kind of top from the leftover fabric and then I could wear them with plain trousers or a skirt. So I made the top and a green tulle skirt. I thought the skirt look too much of a statement piece for a 16th B'day celebration so I made a pair of pink linen trousers......Clearly I was confused! I then on the day wore the top and shorts. 

For the shorts I made them using McCalls shorts pattern M6756 where I made a few slight adjustments by removing some of the the fabric from the inner section of the pant leg so I won't have gaping leg openings. 

The bustier I made was self drafted and was by no means perfectly made but it served it's purpose. I looked at one I saw on Pinterest and I tried to copy where the seams were located on my version. I also lengthened mine so that it was longer. 

My fabric is so lovely! It's a cotton sateen with a little stretch with so many vibrant colours. I got it at a local fabric store and it's so pretty that I know very soon I'd see someone with something made in the same fabric. 

I put the top unto the dressform so you guys could have a better view of the construction. Many seams well in the bustier but it was quite quick to make. I also used cups in the lining and I used interfacing in the frame of it to give it sufficient body for staying power. I'd have to give it another try through to get a better fit.  

The McCalls shorts pattern is great and it's definitely my new go to trousers pattern. I actually saw one of Erica's B posts that made me purchase it and it really is a simple and effective pattern. 

I hope you guys like it! Get on your machines and give a suit a go. 

God bless xoxo


Royal Stella dress

Hello ladies and gents! 

It took me long enough to get back here. I hope all is well. I've not been sewing as much this year just yet but I have been getting to do more things for myself as is my desire. I bought this electronic dress pattern a long long time ago from Pattern Runway almost immediately after I saw it. I was in love! Those sleeves! I searched quite a bit to see what members of the online sewing community made using the pattern but didn't come across much. Can I just say that this dress is quite lovely, royal, astonishing and gorgeous! It is so feminine and breezy that would probably work on any figure and has quite charming features that catch the eye.

I made the dress up in plum/purple satin chiffon a polyester version rather than the silk. I went to the store and I literally could not tell the difference in the two so I opted for the one that won't hurt my pocket. I meticulously used 1 and 1//2 yards to do the dress version of the pattern with the asymmetrical hem. I cut the size 38 and graded to the 40 at the waist and hips. I realised after I didn't need to do this as the dress style is a bit generous in the waist and hip area. 

The positives are that I LovE the sleeves, the pleats, the binding at the waist, the hem line......I love all the design features, it's sooooooo me. The downside is mostly that this dress and this fabric was challenging to sew and took a bit more time than I usually like to dedicate towards an item. It taught me a bit of patience this one as I had to start and stop a few times. I am so glad I did not give up on it! I also had to do lining for the dress because of the lightweight fabric; I made a short version of the dress bodice and skirt for the lining and made darts in place of the pleats for it to sit flat. There was also some extra bagging to the back of the dress that I had to fix at the shoulders possibly due to my build. 

Halfway into construction I tried the dress and thought I looked a hot mess, thinking that the dress doesn't suit my long slim frame, though I now think it would work well on any figure. Now I'm looking forward to doing the variations. 

I am quite pleased that I now have a cute dress addition for my wardrobe and for church. For anyone thinking of making a Stella dress remember to chose the right fabric as recommended and used by the designer and don't get dismayed if there are few issues, the final product is beautiful!

God bless you all! xoxo