Scallop dress sneak peak

In rememberance of how pain staking this dress was to produce I'm doing this post. Today is my birthday and I decided to finish one of my projects, and to eat red velvet cake till hubby comes home. I still have some bits to finish up and some pressing to do. This is actually for the Copycat Challenge. On another note I'm so greatful to God for life and continued blessings.


Black peplum top

I love this top! Definitely a fashion staple in my books.  I made this black Peplum top using stretch drill fabric. It is a good fabric to work with and the sewing machines seem to love it. I used just one yard of fabric, by some miracle, to make the top and it actually has a full circle peplum. I was pressed for fabric so there was unavoidably a seam down the centre front. To mask this I simply added a 1 1/4 inch wide mock placket down the front and it turned out to be a nice detail for this black top. The back of the top is fitted with a long invisible zipper for a nice and neat finish. The neckline is faced and stabilised by double stitching.I did use a pattern to make the bodice only. Vogue options V8766 (Version D) I changed the shape of the neckline but the pattern was a good starting base to work with.

I hope you like it! Blessings to you!


Mad Men Challenge - 2

Hello everyone :) I hope all is well! It's good to be back. I've been longing to make somethings for myself so I can do a couple posts but time has not been favourable to me. I am once again a student (in a totally unrelated field- Veterinary Microbiology) and beside that, I've been doing quite a bit of sewing for others lately. Sometimes I think my talent is a bit sloppy so I often wonder why people trust me to make things for them. I do tend to pull out my' big guns' though when people are actually paying me to produce something for them. Sometimes it is nerve wrecking to do work for clients but I am hoping that all these experiences will make me a better sewer.
In other news.............It's MAD MEN time again. I wasn't really on the blogging and following scene the first time around but just as the challenge entrants were revealed I had the opportunity to see all the fascinating pieces. It was just about that time too that I started to look at Mad Men on Netflix, I'm still way behind on season 3 but that's fine; I don't mind. Just to add I'm a big fan of Julia Bobbin and I think she may be one of the reasons I'm blogging today....
So for my dress I decided on one of  Betty Draper's dresses from Season 3, episode 7. I absolutely love her style, as well as those styles from the other; sometimes it's hard to pick and choose. My figure is closest to Betty's so I could actually see myself wearing similar pieces. There is no way I could get away with a Joan Holloway number!

Here is a picture of the original dress. I did a self drafted pattern and I tried to copy things exactly as I saw them. 5 pin tucks on either side, embroidered/ trimmed necklines and centre front, scalloped hem, tiny skirt pleats and polka dots.

 Here is my version. I really tried to locate a fabric that matched to original but it sure is a hard find. Those well spaced large embroidered dots on Betty's dress were fantastic. I found a similar fabric on Mood Fabric but I could not bring myself to buy such expensive silk fabric especially when I could not view it in person or touch it. I opted for something I found in a local shop here in Trinidad and Tobago. It's a beautiful fabric, very lightweight and not too difficult to work with because it has a grid like pattern on it which allowed me to do my pin tucks and pleats well.

I look rather tall. I'm wearing my heels...so that brings me to 6'2"

A close up on the embroidery, tucks, pleats and waist tie

Back....You can get a good view of my under slip here. I made it as well. Betty's own shows through as well

Lower half and scallops

An outdoor shot

Bodice close up

For my scalloped edges I used a stencil to mark my scallops then I zig-zag stitched just above the markings. I then cut away the excess fabric being careful not to cut the stitches. This is a great method and I encourage you to try it. I did use interfacing below to stabilise it then I tore it away.

Did I mention that I did all the embroidery by hand. There was no suitable trim in all of Trinidad so I did those stitches, it took me some time over a couple afternoons. Sorry I cannot remember the names. I did two different types and it's a bit inconsistent but they flow nicely together one behind the other.

Special thanks to hubby for the photos. He is a big fan of the dress!

I hope you enjoyed the post and I pray it does not take me another 2 months to get back here. 

God bless!


Drape drape trio

Recently I got a bit over excited and I bought all three drape drape books. What got into me? I got a job to do some dresses much like the one piece side drape top featured in book 2. I therefore had intentions to buy book 2 but I remembered seeing a lovely dress with gathers at the side, back and sleeve in book 1; so I just had to buy it. Then I thought to myself "why not complete the collection, the new one must be good as well!"......so here I am. I cannot wait to make a few of the items. :) which patters are your favorites?