Drape drape trio

Recently I got a bit over excited and I bought all three drape drape books. What got into me? I got a job to do some dresses much like the one piece side drape top featured in book 2. I therefore had intentions to buy book 2 but I remembered seeing a lovely dress with gathers at the side, back and sleeve in book 1; so I just had to buy it. Then I thought to myself "why not complete the collection, the new one must be good as well!"......so here I am. I cannot wait to make a few of the items. :) which patters are your favorites?


  1. So are these how to drape books? Or pattern books? If there pattern books I'll have to check them out, draping is just really confusing to me XD

    1. They are pattern books on draped pieces.....dresses, skirts, trousers and some blouses. Really nice patterns. I'd say maybe only half of them are things people would want to wear.....well where I come from. These make draping easy!