Drape drape bridesmaids dresses

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. Some time back I posted that I had purchased all three of the Drape Drape books. I could not restrain myself because I fell in love with an item from each of those books. I will interject here to state that I have only made 1 item (altered) from the book thus far. At least I have the books, all I need now is some time.

For these bridesmaids dresses I made an altered pattern using the no.2 one piece side drape top from Hisako Sato drape drape 2. Most people tend to make this item due to it's simplicity and beauty.

1 of the bridesmaids is a very close friend of mine and she showed me the design the bride wanted. It is a dress from David's bridal. One shoulder with a side sweep bow detail and flower sash. I made all the pieces but the bridal party opted to go without the bow in the end.

One shoulder draped dress with mikado bow detail.  One-shoulder side-draped dress in matte crepe with black mikado bow detail.  Personalize with sashes and accessories.  Available online and in select stores in Ebony, Amethyst and Charcoal.  Paired with VW370014 floral sash.  Paired with VW370092 platform sandal with ankle strap and metal-and-crystal details.  Sizes 16-26 available in stores and online in select colors.  Fully lined. Side zip. Imported. Dry clean.
One Shoulder Draped Dress with Mikado Bow Detail 

I thought that the drape drape pattern will do well to create this style. I adjusted the pattern to make it one shoulder and to add lots of gathers to the top of the dress. The trickiest part was creating a perfect side seam that did not affect the drapes and also adding the gathers to the top without widening the hem. 

The original pattern layout

my altered pattern

Here is the dress on the dress form. It sits beautifully but with movement it seldom stays like that. The dress was made from satin chiffon and Peau de soie for the lining. The bow and sashes were made using charcoal taffeta. 

Dress front

Dress back

Side view

The dress in the making. I was too lazy to take of the orange dress I was also making below it. 
Overall this project was very time consuming but it turned out beautifully. What I disliked most was the little complaints here and there from the bridesmaids but it all worked out well in the end. My first bridesmaids dresses were most challenging but I'm glad I jumped at it. What are some of your challenging firsts?


  1. Amazing dresses and the colour is gorgeous! I really like the draping and pleating at the top near the neckline. It's a shame about the complaints, but you get that with anything.
    My challenging first would be the blazer I am working on now.

    1. Thank you Zoe for the lovely comment. The complaints were mostly for the style of the dress but I felt like it was an attac on my skil...it is difficult to sew for people, especially groups because you have to please everyone. All the best with the blazer. I am yet to do one of those.

    2. Gorgeous! you should be so proud. By the way, their complaints were really about the bride picking that design for them to wear but I guess they realized it would be rude of them to tell her. Unfortunately, they didn't realize it was also rude to tell you.

      Check my blog, I did a post on the Drape Drape books and linked to sewers who have made the designs. May I add your adaption to the list?

    3. Thank you! The thing is the dresses are unusual and fashion forward, unlike the norm. Great post and do add me :)

  2. These bridesmaids dresses are very pretty. I really love the fabric and style.
    My challenging first is making a well fitting pants, it drive me crazy and I have to take a break for a month.

    1. Thank you Hana!! Pants are challenging, especially the fly front and waistbands, the curved seams :) I'm sure you got it right in the end.

  3. Wow! So beautiful! I can't believe you took the time to make ALL those bridesmaid dresses - they look amazing :)

  4. Thanks Sally! :) .. Lets just say I had a good head start for coming up with the design so that helped. It took about 12 hrs per dress. The drape is 1 piece so that helped. The lining though is a fully constructed dress with boning. It was very time consuming...