Girlie pink baby romper

Hi guys, I probably should start back blogging because Instagram isn't everything. It's a great tool especially for persons who are creatives but there is something nice about still writing a full post and sometimes blabbing on about things.

I am kind of on a self imposed sewing ban as well so I might just blog about all my undocumented makes to make me feel better.

I'll start light with this cute little baby girl romper I made for a soon to be born baby girl of some lovely friends. There is something special about a unique gift and I wish I could do it for every gift I ever give.

I simply started to eye cute little outfits on Pinterest and came across a similar romper. It was actually an independent kids and babies pattern company design but I really couldn't bring myself to buying it because even though I support creatives I can't buy everything that I like because I know I am more than capable to figure it out, and well also because I'll be broke. I'm adding the link to the pattern here so that if you'd like to create the look but need a pattern to work with I highly recommend the designer. For all you know my proportions could be very wrong and the baby might get very limited wear out of it...haha.

I will spare you the story about wanting a girl baby first!

Take care, blessings to you and yours.

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