Vibrant print maxi dress

Hi guys! It has been so long since I posted; I won't even do the math. I've been squeezing little projects in and between my busy schedule but i haven't documented many of my makes. I will try to work on that because years later I'd like to look back and see all the items I've made for myself. 

Today I'm showing you a maxi dress i made using a Mc'Calls pattern from 2016. I fell for the design lines at the bust and waistline and i chose to make them standout in this dress and to give the look a little more definition. 

The pattern is M7385 and it comes with a few variations. My favorites thing about some of these patterns is that it has pattern pieces that are specific for cup size so that you get a better fit for your figure. 

The fabric is a vibrant print from a fabric store here in Trinidad and Tobago called Yufe's. It's so pretty and I'm not usually one for prints. I love the subtle zig zag print and the mix of colours. I believe it is a rayon fabric but i can't be to certain as they don't label fabrics very well here.

I made the pattern almost exactly out of the packet. The only changes really were to add inches to the length and to scoop a bit out from the back pattern pieces at the waist and top center back. These are changes i normally have to make with lots of patterns. It was a nice straight forward and easy make.

I've been considering my style lately and this definitely falls into 'I like it, but it's not me'.  I'm sure that I won't wear it often but I have it now as one of my special occasions outfits. I would consider making this pattern again in a plain dark colour in a flowing cotton. 

Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful--I have the same pattern and feel the same way about it! Your version had me thinking about pulling it out today until I got to your last paragraph ;). But really, so pretty. I'm curious--what makes it fall into the "not me" category for you?

    1. Haha, the vibrant colours are not really my style, or maybe I should say it's not my everyday style and I feel I need to concentrate on essentials in terms of colour and prints. You on the other hand dear can wear vibrant everyday, and you pull it off so well. It so good to see bloggers like yourself who know their aesthetic and personal style so well. When I go to the fabric shops though there are always prints that attract me so I need to definitely do some reflection on what's really me.

  2. I am glad to see you back blogging sis. I love this dress very much! And you are tempting me to get this pattern BUT I stay away from voluminous maxi dress because I feel awful sewing things that I'll probably wear once lately... I am mostly sewing basics and things that can get lots of wear!

  3. Thanks much.....and Ah, yes you are right about that! I will probably not get much wear out of this and I definitely need to build my everyday wardrobe as you are doing.