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Today I just want to applaud and make mention of a fashion icon of Trinidad and Tobago who has done great things in the industry despite the challenges of globalisation. Hannah Janoura has been a recipient of the Chaconia Gold Medal in Trinidad and Tobago for her good work that facilitated development in the fashion business. See more in a newspaper article linked here. Sewing not a dying trade

The ever fabulous Hannah Janoura_____http://www.newsday.co.tt/day/1,29596.html
Her company known as Janouras Custom Design Limited is well known now for cooperate work-wear and fabulous hats/ facinators. Truthfully I've never been to this go to place that I've often heard my mother, grandmother, aunts and their friends speak of. That's probably because I'm often in "Do it yourself" mode, but for those who don't sew it is a good idea to get items more tailored to you. Why? Better fit, more options, longer lasting and the list can go on.  

Today the majority of shoppers turn to easily accessible and affordable ready made garments and accessories. Some people have the figure that allows you to walk into a store and pick something off the shelf,but most do not have such a figure. The price of acquiring fabric and notions then going to a "good" seamstress may turn out to be more expensive. Though sewing and garment construction gives more style and originality options it seldom is the competitive option. 

Sewing to me in not a dying trade but it is a dying trend especially among the youthful.

What would you chose?
SENARIO 1: Spend up to 8 hours over a couple days looking for ......lets say a.......Floral jacket........ that fits well and that you absolutely adore.

SENARIO 2: Go to a fabric store find the print you love and let the seamstress make that jacket in the style you envision yourself in. 

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