A striped dress

I had the pleasure of putting together a dress earlier this year for a competition based in Australia, the Tessuti Awards. It's a fabric store over there in Australia with a great selection, as a matter of fact the just celebrated their 5th anniversary. I must say it was a good experience going up against international talent. I did not make it to the finals but i was glad to have had the opportunity. I still think my dress rocked!.

I used a navy and natural stripe silk fabric. I don't recall ever working with silk twill before so that in itself was a challenge as the fabric was so soft and slippery. The design features were of hidden pin tucks. Hiding the colours was a challenge as I had to be mathematically precise.

I made a shift dress with front and back details. The dress is about knee length and is fully lined. The design features were of hidden pin tucks.

I hope you enjoyed! God bless.


  1. This dress is exquisite! Is this your original design or is there a pattern you started with?

    1. Hey SarahKathrine. Thanks alot! Actually I did not use a pattern. I worked with the stripes and my measuring tape. It was a challenge to make though. I did the tucks in the neckline and made sure I had a wide enough pannel for across the front. Then I did the same with the back. The back however has two pieces because I wanted to get the top piece in the natural colour.