End of year 2012

Oh what a year! I cannot stress how thankful I am for all the blessings bestowed to me this year. It definitely was not without upset but all disappointments have lessons. 

My sewing machines and I really worked this past year on a number of large and small projects for myself and for others. I must say I've seen quite a bit of improvement in my skills and technique in just about 12 months. I started using paper patters to complement my freehand pattern making. I made beautiful dresses; I got a good working serger from my grandmother and it has been a great help. To top it off, I have realised more than ever I have family and friends who want to see me excel and succeed with my dressmaking, that's most important and fulfilling.

Matter of the day:

This is a dress I made for someone for the end of year. It's made of bridal satin which is a bit weighted. I used an inspiration photo to create the dress. 

Simple victory: I was able to do the bodice for the dress by pinning points on my dressform corresponding to where I wanted the the neckline to form. I then measured and made pattern pieces drafted from the pinnings on the dressform (just me being creative and different i guess). I think that's why the dress fits the dressform like a glove. Lets hope it's the same on the client. 

Biggest challenge: Doing the gathers at the waist. The fullness of the gathering and the thickness of the fabric made it a little challenging. Thank goodness the machine and needle was able to handle it.   

This was the dress I used to develop the design. The neckline here is a little more square than my dress turned out. I also opted to move the gathers from the shoulders and put it at the sleeve hem, it actually made a big difference in the shape of the dress.
Dress front
Side front

Sleeve side with gathers at hem


Dress bodice back

Other view

 I hope you enjoyed! All the best to you and yor families for 2013. I wish you all health, strength and sewing sucess! God bless!

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