Fitted Ponte colour block dress

I'm pretty fond of the recent trend of colour blocked dresses especially those with curved seams. I wanted to try it out and I knew it would have been easier to start with a stretch knit fabric. I used Ponte knit as I am a big fan of it. It's actually in #1 spot right now for Fabric Favorites. I self drafted a knit pattern, back and front then I simply drew where I wanted the curves to be at the back of the dress. For the front I did princess seams, though a plain one piece front would have worked. I was a little confused with what to do with the sleeves as I wanted the black to extend to wide shoulders. I did some tulip sleeves that stand out quite a bit due to the nature of the fabric and the pattern cut. 

I really enjoyed making the dress and I encourage you all to give one a try. Burdastyle has two really lovely patterns with the curved seams (well two that I know of)
Enjoy, God bless!


  1. This is absolutely stunning it fits so nicely with your great figure!! Love it and the colour is amazing! Hey thanks for being my 100th follower too :)

    1. Thank you! Congrats on your 100th milestone. You did will to earn it!