Unusual collar

I was inspiered by something I saw, yet again. I saw this blouse on ASOS.com and I found it so unsual and unique and I really wanted to figure out the design. It seems it's no longer available there so I cannot link it; But here it is!

ASOS blouse 

The ASOS blouse is made with a light weight fabric unlike mine. It was a challenge trying to find a suitable pick. I used crepe back satin on the right side and reverse to give a more unique look to the blouse. The gathering at the sleeve ends seems to be more full thak mine had turned out but I don't think it would have looked right with the thickness of my fabric of choice.

 Features to note are the double layer in the collar, the double lapel and binding on the edges.

 Flash off


Flash on and shine :)

It looks excellent in jeans, I hope you like it! God bless......xoxo


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  2. wow, you are so talented! i most start following you :)