Ripple bow dress

Hello everyone. I'm really excited to do this post because this dress turned out so gorgeous, so cute. I made this dress as a wedding guest dress for a garden reception of some really lovely friends. Congratulations going out to Mr. & Mrs. Rollocks on their nuptials and I wish them all the happiness that can be found in their relationship. 
Back to the dress; I did not have much time to make the dress so I opted for something simple with a sweet detail.

Deep scoop back with bow detail

I have been seeing lovely bow dresses on Pinterest recently and I am absolutely in love with them. I actually have this bow style dress on my "Gorgeous! I want to make this" board over on Pinterest. It was the perfect opportunity for me to dive in to this project because the dress is plain with little design features and I did not have plenty time to work with.

<3 would be pretty to wear to a wedding 

The first thing I did was buy this lovely two toned Georgette (turquoise and green) in a local fabric store not yet knowing what I wanted to make. The initial plan was to do something very flowy/ drapy but I then went to simple/ sweet. I bought some stretched lime green lining to go with it.

I searched far and wide for a tutorial for the bow but could not find one so I winged it! I was not left with much fabric after I cut the back, front and sleeves but thank God I had sufficent for the bow even though I had no clue what pattern piece to cut.

I cut a 'C' shape to do the bow and it turned out absolutely lovely. I will definitely do a tutorial for the bow if persons are interested.

Simple dress front

Side view showing gathers at sleeve band and a dipped hem

Another side view

Bow from the side back

A close up on the bow detail

Since I can't see my back while wearing the dress I was very surprised at the overall effect when I got to see my pictures. I am happy with the draped finish of the bow as it gives it so much flair and proves to be quite a fashion statement. 

I hope you like the dress! God bless


  1. I LOVE this dress!!! The bow is so perfect with the simplicity of the dress and you are rocking the green color! I would definitely be interested in a bow tutorial - this is just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sally. I think I found a colour that really suits me well. I will work on that tutorial. I'd love to see other bloggers versions. Thanks again!

  2. This dress is gorgeous.. The two shades, the drape and the bow! Devine, and so are you in it. Thank you for sharing all the thinking process, it's fun to read. And please do a tutorial if time allows :)

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear it was a fun read. I am hoping to do that tutorial soon!

  3. Would you mind me sharing any of your projects on SSB in the future? I link to your post and let you know when.

    1. Hello Sassy T. That's no problem at all! I would feel quite honoured if you do that :)

  4. Featured on Sassy Sewing Bees https://facebook.com/sassysewingbees ❀

    I have cited your name as Ari B, is that correct, let me know if it isn't.