Me made May week 2 roundup!

Hey all, I hope everything is well! I'm just popping in quickly to show you what I wore for the past week while I did my thing. I did stay home a couple days so you may see some missing action. After loading the photos I realised that I take too many selfies, I'll have to try to get better photos as we go along. 

May 14th- Off to a meeting in my new bow neck blouse. Looking super vintage!

May 13th- This is my batik top for work days

May 12th- A wrap front with side gathers top in jersey stretch. I used an old pattern I got from my great aunt. I loved the print on the fabric when I saw it in the shops and I just had to buy it.

May 11th- I wore this ombre coloured twisted hem skirt to go visit the in-laws. 

May 10th- My black working pants worn at the dance group spa day at church. I' glad I didn't get any nail polish on it! 

May 9th- Was heading out in my black pleat front top but then I ended up staying home. (there seems to be some funny dark spot on the picture under my eye, not sure why it's showing up here in blogger as it's not on the original photo)

May 9th- HOME- I need to make some me made lounge wear for sure so I have no excuse for not wearing/ posting. 

How are you guys getting along with Me Made May 2014?

Chat soon!

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