Me Made week 3 roundup

It's almost over! I am enjoying doing this me made wardrobe for a month but it gets a bit difficult at times. Most of my me made items are dresses which are not practical for everyday wear. It's also dry season here in Trinidad and when it's dry it's also windy! I don't want to expose anything if you know what I mean.

21st May 2014- too fancy for field work

20th May 2014- Data and evidence missing!

19th May 2014- Data and evidence missing!

I didn't seem to take photos and I stayed home one of those days......need some lounge wear.

18th May 2014- Two outfits in one day

17th May 2014- To the mall!

16th May 2014- Lace tee

 15th May 2014- Data missing!

The verdict for week 3 is that I'm doing a lousy job and my brain doesn't seem to be able to travel so far back to retrieve the information. I was glad I was able to wear things I didn't wear in week one and I hope with the last week of this that I am able to do the same! I also need to start posting stuff to my blog, I'm a slacker for sure.


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