Me made week 1 summary

Hello lovelies, I trust all is well! I'm just going to post here what I wore for the first week of this Me made May madness. This is my first time doing the Me made challenge and it has definitely been a plunge into the deep end. I think I'm struggling now to find day to day things that aren't dresses. I've been able to start seeing my wardrobe limitations and what I need to start sewing to fill those voids. The most fun part about this is being able to smile, laugh and share with all the members of the online sewing community; I hadn't realised it was so vibrant and entertaining! I've been posting on Instagram and there are hundreds of others who are doing the same.

Wednesday 7th May- I wore a self drafted peplum top in a poly mix jersey. I love the fit, very loose and comfy just a weee bit short in the torso.  Blogged here

Tuesday 6th May- These are my black trousers made using the Vogue pattern V1367. I love them! I'll blog about them once I make a lovely top to go along with it. 

Monday 5th May- This shirt is quite simple in construction and was made using 1/2 yard of fabric. It has a slight built in cap sleeve and has those cute gathers towards the front for the chest allowance. This is also unblogged.

Sunday 4th May- My church dress is a self drafted one with princess seams....Thought it was blogged but it's unblogged. 

Saturday 3rd May- My knock about with hubby dress was made many moons ago and is unblogged. It's from my Undergraduate days :)

Friday 2nd May- My important meeting skirt. It's a simple straight skirt in a faint grey stripe. UNbLoGgED....... I'm seeing a trend here. 

 Thursday 1st May- This was my most recent make and is a lovely skirt made of some expensive (by my standards) fabric. I hope to blog about it soon when I get a lovely top to go with it. 

I've been exercising lately and I am so glad I lost the extra inches because I otherwise won't be able to fit into some of my pre-marriage ME MADE outfits. I should therefore make it through the month of May successfully perhaps with a few makes. Look out for next week's roundup

Chat to you soon! Good bless!


  1. Love this! So fun to see your awesome makes here and on Instagram :) :) :)

    1. Thanks Sally! I'm loving your feed too!

  2. You really do make such beautiful clothes! And everything looks so exactly right on you; fabric, colour, fit...everything! Very inspiring :)

    1. Thank you Danielle! I do try.....lol, I don't think I'm quite there yet!

  3. Great pieces. Can't wait to see next weeks roundup.